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How can I get my automatic whitelist to add recipients of email my users send?
First you need to ensure outbound email is actually being processed.

Check that Hexamail is being used as the smarthost in your mailserver. If its on the same machine as your mailserver, this typically means setting the smart host to (or localhost) and port 25. BE SURE TO CHECK you don't have Hexamail using your mailserver as its smarthost as well, as that could create a mail loop! (this is under Hexamail/SMTP Relay/Outbound)

For Exchange things can be a little more fiddly.

In Exchange system manager: Right-click the Default SMTP-Server and choose Properties. Then go to the Delivery tab and choose the Advanced... button. In the Smart Host field enter the fully qualified name of the server where Hexamail runs. If Hexamail Guard is on the same machine, enter [] (include the square brackets). Then Press OK.
If you are not running Hexamail on the standard default port 25 (SMTP) then also choose the Outbound connections button and enter the port of the Hexamail server.
Next look for any "SMTP connectors" in Exchange System manager and set all of these to also use Hexamail ([], port 25) as their smarthosts too. Retry the test email and check the log is reporting processing the email.

If you used automatic Exchange integration this should have been done for you, however, Hexamail does not modify connectors.

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