How to setup your own email server

This is a guide to setting up your own mailserver for home use or a small business office mail server.

Let's break the guide into some easy steps:


You will need:

  • - a computer with plenty of diskspace (you probably want to store all email on the server as well as on your email clients)
  • - an operating system (Windows XP, 2k, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2012 server onwards or LINUX Centos 5,6 Ubuntu, Redhat etc)
  • - a permanent/reliable connection to the Internet


Next you need to download the required software and install it on your mailserver computer.

  • 1) Download Hexamail Server Lite and save the installer and license on the computer
  • 2) Install it on the computer


Now you need to decide how email will get to your computer.

  • 1) I want email delivered directly to my computer. To do this you must have control of your own domain name and access to your domain name registration site. You will also needa fixed IP address to send email to or a fixed servername you can use to specify your computer uniquely on the Internet. If you do not have a fixed IP address or hostname you may be able to use a service such as 2) I have an email account that I want to pull email from into my mailserver

Downloading the software

Download the mailserver software for your chosen operating system here: Download Hexamail Server You can choose the range of features you require from a basic mailserver (Hexamail Server Lite) to a more advanced mailserver with all features (Hexamail Server Enterprise). If you start with the Lite version you can easily add features later on.

Installing the mailserver