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Routing Options

Advanced Routing Options

Routing Options

   Domain Routes

You can configure Hexamail Guard to deliver inbound emails to different servers for different domains. The Domain Route keeps track of what internal email server to deliver what message. If a domain is not listed here, it will be sent to the server specified in the original mail server. If the port of the target server is other than standard port 25, you cans specify the port by adding a colon after the server name/address and then port number. (ex: myserver:250) If you specify the SSL port 465 encrypted SSL communications will be used. if you specify a port of "tls" then STARTTLS will be required when talking to the server on port 25, e.g. domain3.com:server.domain3.com:tls
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   Domain Settings

Domain Matches
You can configure Hexamail Guard to deliver email to certain domains using one recipient per connection. Some mailservers are configured to block email to more than a few recipients, so this settings allows you to force Hexamail Guard to use a less efficient delivery mechanism of one recipient per connection, but should ensure delivery to problematic domains.
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