Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - Default Settings - Default Settings

Default Settings

Default settings used when creating or importing new user accounts

Default Settings

   Default Server

Default to allow web access
Grant web access to new user accounts by default
Example interface
Default Server
Each account can be downloaded from a separate server. Be sure to fill in the correct server details for each account. POP3 is usually collected from port 110, IMAP from port 143. If you leave these settings blank, the default server and port settings will be used from the Settings page in the POP3 Reader module. Remember to use the server name not IP if collecting using SSL
Example interface

   Default Schedule

Check for new email every
Default schedule for system accounts
Example interface
30 Minutes
Messages on server
Default action for system accounts
Example interface
Keep, Delete, Expire
Expire after
Default expiry for system accounts
Example interface
1 Days

   Size Limits

Large email
When a large email is ecountered it can be downloaded, postponed until all other email for the account have been downloaded or skipped altogether (and left on the server).
Example interface
Download, Postpone, Skip
Email over
Email over this size are considered large and will be treated as per the large email action configured
Example interface
1 - 999999 kbytes
2048 kbytes
2000 kbytes