Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - IMAP Account - Advanced


Folder Mapping


   Folders Mapping

Map folder
You can configure Hexamail Guard to remap email to new folders. Hexamail will automatically create folders that do not exist. Use wildcards to map all matching folders to a new folder name, for example *Sent* -> Sent Items to map all folders containing the string Sent to a new Sent Items folder The destination folder can also contain replacement tokens that hexamail will replace with information from the email being uploaded. Supported replacements are:
<year> - year from email date
<mon> - month name (short) from email date
<month> - month name (long) from email date
<monnum> - month number (1 - 12) from email date
<day> - month day (1 - 31) from email date
<weekday> - week day (Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday) from email date
<wday> - week day (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri) from email date
<from> - email MIME from address
<fromdomain> - email MIME from address domain (e.g domain.com from user1@domain.com)
<fromuser> - email MIME from address user part (e.g user1 from user1@domain.com)
<to> - email MIME to address
<todomain> - email MIME to address domain
<touser> - email MIME to address user part
<subject> - email subject
<subjectclean> - email subject with all numbers, start and end spaces and punctuation characters removed
<header_headername>- email header matching headername
<folder> - email original folder name (last part e.g. Customers/customer1 becomes just customer1)
<folderrpath> - email original folder name (full path, e.g. Customers/customer1 )
Example interface
Inbox:OtherMail *Sent*:Sent items Old Email:Archive *:Archive <year>/<folder;>/<fromdomain;> *:Archive <year>/<folderpath;>
Force folder
Force the email into a specific folder
Example interface


Ignore SSL Certificate errors
Ignore SSL Certificate errors
Example interface


Diagnostic Log
You can turn on diagnostic logging with this switch
Example interface