Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - POP3 Reader - Log


Settings for logging POP3/IMAP collection activity



Log Level
this sets how detailed you wish the logging for this module to be
Example interface
Off, Critical, General, Verbose, Full, Debug
log Types
this sets which types of messages you wish to be logged
Example interface
Max Size
this sets the maximum size to which the log file for this module will be allowed to grow, in kbytes
Example interface
1 - 32000 kbytes/file
1024 kbytes/file
this sets the number of archived log files you wish the module to maintain
Example interface
1 - 32 files
3 files

   Log File

This shows the tail (the last few lines) of the POP3 Reader log file. You can use the drop down number selector to select how many of the last lines to view. If you wish to see the entire file, it is recommended that you use a text editor on the log file in the server itself, you will find the log files within the ./logs/ directory under the directory into which you installed the application