Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - Secure User Import - Advanced


This page allows you to specify the field mapping used during import from Active Directory or LDAP


   Field mapping

Map field
You can configure Hexamail Guard to remap imported fields to user fields. This can be used for example to set the external POP/IMAP account download settings, or change the contact settings from their default mappings. In Exchange it is possible to add 15 custom attributes to an active directory mailbox, and these should be referred to using extensionAttribute1, extensionAttribute2 ... extensionattribute15 In Hexamail the following fields are used by the system and can be mapped to if required.
				phone			- Phone number for user
				office			- Office address
				mobile			- Mobile/Cellular number
				title			- Job Title
				dept			- Department
				company			- Company Name
				other			- Other field
				sigcustom		- Enable custom signature (on/off)
				sigcustomtext	- Custom sugnature text
				sigcustomhtml	- Custom sugnature html
				p3denableui		- Enable external account collection web interface (on/off)
				p3denable		- Enable external account collection (on/off)
				p3dexpiretime	- Expire email in external account (days)
				p3dname			- External account login username
				p3dpassword		- External account login password
				p3dserver		- External account server hostname or IP
				p3dssl			- External account ssl (on/off)
				p3dport			- External account port number
				p3dprot			- External account protocol (POP3/IMAP)
				p3daction		- External account action (Keep,Expire,Delete)
				p3dschedule		- External account schedule (minutes)
				p3dfolders		- External account IMAP folders to download
				fwd				- HEXAMAIL SERVER ONLY Enable forwarding for mailboxes (on/off)
				fwddeliver		- HEXAMAIL SERVER ONLY Also deliver forwarded mail to mailbox (on/off)
				fwdaddr			- HEXAMAIL SERVER ONLY SMTP email Address to forward to
				mboxquota		- HEXAMAIL SERVER ONLY Mailbox quota in megabytes
Other custom fields can be added just by mapping to a new unreserved name.
Example interface
extensionAttribute1:p3dserver extensionAttribute2:p3dport extensionAttribute3:userp3dname extensionAttribute4:userp3dpassword extensionAttribute5:p3dschedule extensionAttribute6:p3dexpiretime extensionAttribute7:anyfieldyouwant extensionAttribute8:anotherfield cn:CNInExchange


Cache size
User store cache size in MBytes
Example interface
200 mbytes