Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - SMTP Relay - Sent



   Sent Email

This is the list of emails successfully sent. Remember that by default sent emails will not be stored, use the "Store sent email" option on the first page of options for the SMTP Relay to turn this on. Double clicking an email opens in the email viewer. The email viewer will not execute worms, scripts or virus and is not susceptible to any such attacks. Right click one or more selected emails to choose to block the sender or delete the emails from the sent store.
 - Email that has been sent by the SMTP Relay module
(Click the heading to sort by the column)
The sender of the email (SMTP MAIL FROM)
The subject of the email
The date the email was sent
The time the email was sent
The size of the email
The recipient(s) of the email
The MIME From: header field
The unique ID of this email
Remote UID
The unique ID given to this email by the email server it was sent to
Client IP
The IP address of the client that sent the email
The email is deleted
The store containing the email
(Underneath control)
Refresh the list
View the selected email
Resend the selected email(s) to all the original recipients
Delete the selected email
Undelete the selected email
Purge deleted email
Empty the sent email store
(Right click selected items)

Use the << and >> to navigate between pages of email
Use the droplist to select to show a larger number of email.
Press the refresh button to update the displayed list with your new settings
You can select whether to show All email, Active email or Deleted email
Type an expression into the custom filter box to search for matching email. You can use expressions such as *sender@domain.com* or *phrase*
or use exact matching like action=blocked+marked to display those with the action column showing marked and blocked email
Use match<50% to show all email with a score less than 50% or match34-56% to show those in a specific range or match=45% for an exact match
NOTE: Column sorting only applies to the displayed email.
To sort ALL email be sure to Show All before sorting by the column heading.


All email sent can be stored in the configured directory.
Example interface
Maximum to store
This setting allows automatic removal of old email when the maximum number to store is exceeded.
Example interface
250 - 250000 email
75000 email
Purge after
Automatically purge deleted email older than the specified number of days
Example interface
1 - 120 Days
15 Days
4 Days
This setting allows automatic deletion of email when it has been in the store for longer than the specified number of days
Example interface
Delete after
Automatically delete email older than the specified number of days
Example interface
1 - 365 Days
30 Days
4 Days