Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - SPAM Blocking - Quarantine


Detected SPAM is quarantined here


   Stored SPAM

Each email is given a score from 0% (almost certainly legitimate) to 100% (almost certainly SPAM). The triple slider allows you to set the three thresholds used to determine the outcome of the pattern matching:
Less than the first marker (in the gray area) The email is not matched and will pass through unhindered
Greater than the first marker (in the light green area) The email will have its subject marked but be sent to the original intended recipient(s)
Greater than the second (in the blue area) The email will be blocked and optionally stored in the SPAM store
Greater than the third (in the red area) The email will be deleted and not stored
Example interface
1 - 100
If storing is checked on the Action page this list shows all the email that have been blocked as spam. Each email has a score associated with it. A coloured background is shown on email that were scored using pattern matching The color of each bar shows what action would be taken on an email with that score with the current threshold settings (Mark, Block or Delete).

You can use this display to allow easy configuration of the threshold levels with the slider above the list: For example, if a set of email was blocked (they will have blue bars) and you wish email scoring that highly to be deleted in future, drag the last thumb from the right hand side towards the left hand side until the red range shown includes the score of the email you wish to delete in future. When you let go and refresh the list the backgrounds will change color to reflect the new settings. Remember that the email shown are those that have been processed, but the thresholds you are setting are for future email.

Another example would be if some email were showing up as blocked but are legitimate (perhaps with scores of around 35%). In future you may wish to merely mark such email. To do this move the second slider thumb from the left towards the right, this increases the threshold above which email are blocked, while leaving the mark threshold where it is. Set the mark threshold to 34% and the block threshold to 37% and email scoring between 34 and 37 will be marked, not blocked in future. When you let go of the slider the list is updated to show which email will in future be let through and marked. You can immediately see whether you have inadvertently let through more spam.
 - Email designated as spam or junk by the spam blocking module
 - A group of email designated as spam or junk by the spam blocking module
 - Email sent by the SMTP Relay module
 - A group of email sent by the SMTP Relay module
 - Email that failed
 - A group of email that failed
 - An infected email
 - A group of infected email
 - An undelivered email
 - A group of undelivered email
 - A blocked email
 - A group of blocked email
 - A censored email
 - A group of censored email
(Click the heading to sort by the column)
The SMTP return path, the sender of the email
The MIME From: header field
The subject of the email
The action taken by the spam blocking module on this email
The reason the email was considered spam
The data associated with the reason the email was considered spam
The percentage score of the email
The recipient field of the email
The date the email was sent
The time the email was sent
The size of the email
The country of the sending machine
Client IP
The IP address of the sending machine
The internal Unique Identifier of the email
The email is deleted
The store containing the email
The sender domain
(Underneath control)
Refresh the list
View the selected email
Send the selected email(s) to the original recipients, without marking as SPAM
Delete the selected email(s)
Undelete the selected email(s)
Purge deleted email
Empty and purge the store completely
Configure the quarantine settings
(Right click selected items)

Use the << and >> to navigate between pages of email
Use the droplist to select to show a larger number of email.
Press the refresh button to update the displayed list with your new settings
You can select whether to show All email, Active email or Deleted email
Type an expression into the custom filter box to search for matching email. You can use expressions such as *sender@domain.com* or *phrase*
or use exact matching like action=blocked+marked to display those with the action column showing marked and blocked email
Use match<50% to show all email with a score less than 50% or match34-56% to show those in a specific range or match=45% for an exact match
NOTE: Column sorting only applies to the displayed email.
To sort ALL email be sure to Show All before sorting by the column heading.