Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - Web Interface - Network


The Web interface module allows users to check their email or calendar or SPAM using a web browser.


   Network settings

You can optionally enable this protocol
Example interface
the port you wish the server to bind to. If you are using Hexamail Guard as your main email server for your company email, you will typically want to leave this on the default setting of 80
Example interface
You can optionally enable this protocol over a secure channel using SSL. If you do not specify a certificate name using the SSLCertificate configuration parameter in the config file (.cfg) one will be created automatically for you. However, as this is an auto-created certificate it will not be signed by a certification authority and may cause warnings in the clients used to connect to this server. If the users of the clients accept the warnings, then SSL can be used immediately. If you do not wish users to see these warnings you need to obtain and install a valid, signed, SSL certificate for your server from a provider such as Thawte, or Verisign. You must then specify the certificate name in the SSLCertificate parameter of the configuration file.
Example interface
SSL Port
The port to use for SSL communications
Example interface
80 - 32000
Press the Advanced button to open the advanced bindings/NIC settings.


Max Connections
You can allow a large number of simultaneous connections to provide for large amounts of email users. Set this high if you have lots of users all wishing to connect simultaneously.
Example interface
1 - 256
Connect Cache
The total amount of RAM to use for caching during communications. A larger value will consume more of the machine's RAM but result in faster communications.
Example interface
2 - 64 MBytes
4 MBytes
16 MBytes
If no data at all is received from a remote server within this time the connection is dropped
Disallowed IP Addresses
This is the list of disallowed IP addresses that cannot connect to your Web interface. You can use wildcards and ranges (e.g., 192.*.*.*, 192.10-50.*.*) or leave blank for no restrictions. By setting this connections from any IP that matches an entry in this list are prevented. Note that if an IP matches an entry in the allowed IP address it is allowed regardless of matching a disallowed IP
Example interface
Importing data

Press the import button, also shown as >> when the interface is small, to import data into the list.The following file types are supported:

        CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
        Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
        All Files (*.*)
The data should be separated by commas, tab characters or newlines.
Each data entry must match the validation wildcard '*@*.*'. Entries that do not match will be discarded.
Duplicate entries are not imported more than once.

   Session expiry

Expire sessions after
Expiry time for sessions with no activity
Example interface
1 - 9000 minutes
15 minutes