Hexamail Guard Administration Guide - Whitelist Management - Automatic Whitelist

Automatic Whitelist

Hexamail Guard builds up a list of recipients who have received emails from users in your domain(s). These receipients can optionally always be allowed to send emails that bypass the SPAM blocking module entirely. In this way an automatic whitelist is built up, ensuring that over time, legitimate emails from known users are never incorrectly blocked. In order for this functionality to be operatinal, you need to ensure outbound emails are sent through Hexamail Guard from your email server: often this requires instructing your email server to use Hexamail Guard as its outbound or delivery SmartHost. Please see the documentation on setting up your email server for more information. This page allows you to add or remove entries from this list, in case an external user has been incorrectly added to the list: for example, if one of your users replies to a SPAM email.

Automatic Whitelist


This is the list of recipients that has been accumulated. Use the Add and Remove buttons to make modifications to the list. NOTE that you cannot add wildcard based entries to this list (e.g. *@example.com) to add such entries, use the Always Allow Senders list
Importing data

Press the import button, also shown as >> when the interface is small, to import data into the list.The following file types are supported:

        CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
        Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
        All Files (*.*)
The data should be separated by commas, tab characters or newlines.
Each data entry must match the validation wildcard '*@*.*'. Entries that do not match will be discarded.
Duplicate entries are not imported more than once.
Auto Expire After
This setting controls when to expire the automatic whitelist entries from the list.
Example interface
300 Days
90 Days