Hexamail Guard Configuration Reference [Administrator]


This section allows you to configure the list of email addresses to be used to notify the administrator(s) of events and alerts, and the password required to access all administration interfaces of Hexamail Guard.

The following settings can be used in this section:

Enter all the addresses to which you wish to receive alerts and notifications from Hexamail Guard. The first email address in the list is also used as the sender address for notifications and alerts to users. Press the Add or + button to add addresses, the Remove or - button to remove addresses and the Browse or ... button to browse for addresses (Windows Exchange/SBS only)
The administrator password is used to ensure that only the authorized administrator of the Hexamail service can use the interface to configure Hexamail Guard. Once you have applied a password change, you must also press the Servers button and set the correct password for the connection, otherwise Hexamail Guard Administration interface will no longer be able to connect to the service you are administrating. The password is typically only used for remote configuration.