Hexamail - Setting up Exim

The way to have Exim coexist with Hexamail is to have Exim listen to another port besides port 25 (the SMTP mail default port). Let Hexamail listen on port 25 and then tell Hexamail to forward mail on to Exim.

Here are the steps to have Exim and Hexamail coexist:

Move Exim to another port

1) Locate the daemon_smtp_service option in your Exim configuration file
2) By default, this option is unset. You should set it to another port number besides 25. In this example we will use port 2500.

Here is the Exim documentation on this feature:

3) You will need to recompile Exim for this change to take effect.
4) Restart Exim

Install and Configure Hexamail
1) Install Hexamail
2) You will now need to set the SMTP Server setting in Hexamail. If you are installing Hexamail on Windows, the setup program will ask you for the TCP/IP and port of your mail server during the configuration Wizard, or you can change this by opening the administration interface and setting the port on the SMTP Server settings page.
3) Next, set Hexamail SMTP Relay settings to point to your newly configured port.