Hexamail - Setting up NTMail


The way to have NTmail coexist with Hexamail is to have NTmail listen to another port besides port 25 (the SMTP mail default port). Let Hexamail listen on port 25 then tell Hexamail to forward mail on to NTmail.

Here are the steps to have NTmail and Hexamail coexist:

Move NTmail to another port

1) Launch the registry editor (regedt32.exe) using Start->Run
2) Locate the key


3) Change this value from "25" to "2500".
<4) If the PortSMTPReceiv value does not exist under the "Parameters" key, you will need to create it. Choose the "Edit \ Add Value" menu option. For "Value Name", enter "PortSMTPReceive" (remember to capitalize the text exactly as it is shown here) and for "Data Type" choose REG_DWORD. A window will pop up asking for a value. Choose "decimal" as the "Radix" in the window, and type "2500" in the "Data" field.
The NTmail reference manual documents this option as:
    This parameter defines which port the SMTP server will listen to when accepting email. The Internet Standard is to use port 25, but you may wish to run another mail server on the same machine and have it direct mail to NTmail at this new port.

5) Restart NTmail

Install and Configure Hexamail
1) Install Hexamail
2) You will now need to set the SMTP Server setting in Hexamail. If you are installing Hexamail on Windows, the setup program will ask you for the TCP/IP and port of your mail server during the configuration Wizard, or you can change this by opening the administration interface and setting the port on the SMTP Server settings page.
3) Next, set Hexamail SMTP Relay settings to point to your newly configured port. 2500