Hexamail - Setting up Post.Office


The way to have Post.Office coexist with Hexamail is to have Post.Office listen to another port besides port 25 (the SMTP mail default port). Let Hexamail listen on port 25 and then tell Hexamail to forward mail on to Post.Office.

Here are the steps to have Post.Office and Hexamail coexist:

Move Post.Office to Another Port

Here are the instructions, from the Post.Office FAQ under "Changing Port Numbers"

NT only: How do I change the SMTP Port 25 something else?

That information is stored in the registry and can be modified for Post.Office.

1. As a local NT Administrator for that host, open the Registry Editor.

2. Within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE select:

SOFTWARE -> Software.com -> post.office -> SMTP-Accept -> Config

3. Double-click on the "Socket" Key to edit it.

4. Change the value from 25 to 26 (for example) and click on OK.

5. If you do not have permission to save this value, you will need to: select the Security Menu Option -> Owner…-> Take Ownership; select the Security Menu Option again -> Permissions -> ; highlight your administrative self; select the Type of Access Pull Down and select Full Control; select OK; now try the edit the Socket Key.

6.You will now need to stop and start the Post.Office service in your Control Panel - Services Window.

UNIX only: How do I change the SMTP Port 25 in UNIX or SunOS to something else?

You can update some database information in UNIX by E-mailing to configuration and specifying the appropriate parameters.

As always, think safety first. You should save a copy of: /var/spool/post.office/config/SMTP-Accept as a backup so you can restore it if necessary.

From an account with Postmaster privileges, perform the following.

1. If you do not already have one, add a "form security password to the security form.

2. Construct a mail message to "configuration@yourhost"

3. The body should contain:

Postmaster-Password: [your PM password]
Form-Security-Password: [your FS password]
(This is on the Security form and can't be blank)
Form: [Global Field Setup]
Form-Identifier: [None]
SMTP-Accept/Config/Socket: [26] (or whatever port you want)

4. Send the message to configuration.

Install and Configure Hexamail
1) Install Hexamail
2) You will now need to set the SMTP Server setting in Hexamail. If you are installing Hexamail on Windows, the setup program will ask you for the TCP/IP and port of your mail server during the configuration Wizard, or you can change this by opening the administration interface and setting the port on the SMTP Server settings page.
3) Next, set Hexamail SMTP Relay settings to point to your newly configured port.