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A number of example templates ship with Advanced Blog Server. These are located in the <installation dir>/webui/wwwroot/templates directory. These templates are available to all users to select within the web interface.

It is recommended that you DO NOT edit these templates directly as your changes may be overwritten if upgrading or reinstalling. You should edit copies of these templates within a <installation dir>/mywebui/wwwroot/templates directory.

Creating a new common template

The easiest way to create a new template is to start with an existing one. Select the one that is closest to what you want from those available, then find the corresponding subdirectory within the <installation dir>/webui/wwwroot/templates directory.

Make a copy of this subdirectory to the <installation dir>/mywebui/wwwroot/templates directory, to the new template name you wish to use. Using the blue template as an example, if we wish to create a template based on it called newblue, copy the entire contents of the subdirectory

to the new subdirectory Within this subdirectory, there is a file called index.tmpl which is the base template to edit.

You can now make changes to this file, this is the basis for the whole template.

Loading the new template

In order to make the template available to users, the service needs to pick it up. To do this, force a reconfiguration of the server. You can do this by opening the Admin GUI if it is not running, or by changing a setting and Applying the change - for example, if the 'Allow blog entries to be commented on by users' is checked, uncheck it then recheck it again immediately, then Apply the change (which isn't a change really as you rechecked it), the server will then reconfigure and rescan the templates directory and pick up the new template.

Once the service is aware of the template, changes to it will be picked up in real time, when you save them.