Upgrading from Microsoft Small Business Server to Hexamail Server

An ideal server for small businesses, Hexamail Server provides a powerful and flexible solution that helps protect your business data while allowing you to access the information you need from virtually anywhere by using almost any device. Hexamail Server provides easier setup, installation, and migration experiences, a simplified management experience, and better network-wide security features. It incorporates the latest Hexmaail technologies for email, calendaring, task management and contacts. Hexamail Server provides integration capabilities using open standards such as SyncML, CalDAV, IMAP, POP3, HTTP and security using SSL, TLS, STARTTLS and SSL certificates.

Hexamail Server allows you to retain core email function in your local environment, thereby preventing data theft and security breaches when hosted cloud-based solutions are hacked. It allows users to use any email client they wish, as it supports all standard open protocols for email.


Hexamail can import users from any Exchange based mailserver using Active Directory. It can also import all mailboxes uses Powershell or Exchange OLE DB Migration of Small Business Server of Windows Server 2012 Essentials is therefore very straightforward.


Hexamail Server offer more transparent configuration and management than any Microsoft product, with an easy to use Windows administration client and also a web based administration interface.


Hexamail Server can be used on Windows or LINUX platforms and with its compatible data store you can easily switch from one to the other as the need arises. No more Microsoft lock in!