How to setup Hexamail Flow on Windows

This is a guide to setting up Hexamail Flow on a Windows machine.

Let's break the guide into some easy steps:


You will need:

  • - a computer with plenty of disk space (>2GB) for storing email
  • - a 64bit or 32bit Windows operating system (Anything over Windows XP is still supported!)
  • - a permanent/reliable connection to the Internet
  • - an email account on a mailserver or email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Livemail, Office365 etc
  • - [Optional] an online calendar account such as Office 365, Google Calendar, CALDAV, Memotoo, Fruux etc
  • - [Optional] an online contacts account such as Google Contacts, CARDDAV, Memotoo, Fruux etc


You will need:

  • - Administrator access or access allowing installation of software onto your computer


Next you need to download the required software and copy it to your chosen computer.

  • 1) Download Hexamail Flow and save the installer exe file and license on the computer
  • 2) Run the hexamailflowsetupN.N.N.NNN.exe file by double clicking on it. if you are on a 64bit system you should download the 64bit version called hexamailflowsetupN.N.N.NNN_64.exe
  • The Installer copies files and sets up services
  • 3) If prompted (64bit) you should install both the Administration console and Windows service
  • 4) You can choose the installation folder at this point
  • 5) The installer copies the necessary files and creates the Windows app
  • 6) Once it has finished installing files it will automatically open the configuration wizard and you can begin setting up Hexamail Flow
  • The setup wizard shows the product logo