Webmail Interface

Hexamail server has a built-in ultra fast webmail interface

Web Calendar Interface

Hexamail server has a built-in ultra fast web calendar interface

Year view

Unique year planner allows you to get an overview of your year's events

Task management

TODO list built into the web calendar

Shared folders

Folder sharing across accounts including IMAP ACL support and Web folder support

Using IMAP

Using IMAP under Microsoft Outlook Express

Mobile Devices

Fully compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile email clients

Mobile Webmail

Responsive webmail interface accessible from all devices such as iPhone, Android and tablets

Managing Users

Managing the user accounts


An administrator statistics page

SPAM Blocking

Comprehensive spam blocking features including greylisting, SPF, DKIM, challenge response, Bayesian content matching, subject and content expressions and image analysis

SPAM Quarantine

Effective spam management in the administrator and users quarantine screens allows spam to be accepted, whitelisted, blocked, and deleted