Clear and concise statistics show archiving progress. A disk space graph shows the current disk usage and clearly shows remaining free space for the archive. A predictive analysis shows how many days, months and years worth of email archiving is possible on the system.


Select your email archiving source from Exchange mailboxes, MDaemon, IMail, hMailServer, Maildir, Hexamail or POP3/IMAP and SMTP email. Archive selected mailboxes and folders or even PST files from disk.

Policy Editor

Configure your archiving policy with clear, powerful rule based inclusion and exclusion expressions. Include/Exclude by sender, recipient, subject, mailbox and folder.


Export all emails matching a subject, content, size, date, sender, or recipient query. Ideal for exporting all email relevant to a compliance audit, or investigating customer issues allowing a complete email trail to be generated in seconds. Output options include export to folder, zip, resend or forward of the email in its original form.

Export Options

Exports can be in selectable formats including text (.txt) and MIME (.eml) either as individual files or as a compressed zip file.


Hexamail allows you to store your archive on the same machine or move it onto another machine. Configure web access for users, processor utilization and archiving schedule

Web Interface

The web interface allows users to quickly retrieve old emails by subject, content, size, date, sender or recipient. Users can view, redeliver, forward or export to text or MIME (eml) format. Find similar email in a single click!

Mobile Access

The web interface can be used from mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones and tablets. This allows access to email archive knowledge even when out of the office or away from your desk.