Antispam Server Software

Why choose Hexamail Guard to protect your business?

99.9% Spam Catch Rate

Low False positives

Protect from Spam, Virus and Phishing

Proven Antivirus

Easy 5 minute setup

Automatic updates

Low cost permanent licenses

Privacy ensured

Hexamail Guard is a comprehensive email security solution for $mailname.

Our easy to install server spam filtering software eliminates the requirement for desktop installation and updates and prevents spam, virus and malware from ever reaching your mailserver.

Privacy of your email is guaranteed: Hexamail is a software solution that runs on your network and no email is ever sent to the cloud.

Powerful Antivirus


Microsoft Exchange Integration

SPF Verification

DKIM DomainKeys Verification

SURBL Support

Spam Detection

Bayesian matching

Neural sender matching

Automatic Whitelists

Challenge Response

Image Analysis

Content and Header checks

POP3 Connector

Anti phishing


DNS Blacklists

URL DNS checking

RHSBL checking


SBS Integration 2003 to 2011


Windows Essentials

SPAM Management

Spam Quarantine

Email Privacy Guaranteed

Mark, delete or forward spam

User SPAM review

Customizable Web Interface

Supports all SMTP servers

Unrivaled ease of use

Server based anti-spam

Automatic Internet updates

Outbound filtering

Active Directory Support

LDAP Support

Remote management


DKIM Signing

DMARC support

Hexamail is dedicated to making truly cost-effective products that are easy to use, configure and maintain. Discover the most easy to deploy and cost-effective total antispam solution