Hexamail Guard is your ultimate defense against email-based threats. With an array of advanced security features, it ensures that your inbox remains secure and your business stays protected. Protect your email infrastructure with our innovative multi-layer filtering technology. Secure your business communications, enhance productivity, and achieve peace of mind with Hexamail Guard.

  • Intelligent Threat Detection:Hexamail Guard employs cutting-edge algorithms to proactively identify and block spam, viruses, phishing attempts, and other malicious content. Rest easy, knowing that only legitimate emails reach your employees' inboxes
  • Real-time Threat Analysis:Stay one step ahead with Hexamail Guard's real-time threat analysis. Our system continuously scans incoming emails for emerging threats, ensuring prompt detection and response to evolving security risks
  • Customizable Rule Sets:Tailor Hexamail Guard to your specific security needs. Create and manage custom rule sets based on your organization's policies, allowing you to fine-tune the level of email filtering and control to achieve optimal security without sacrificing productivity
  • Secure Attachment Handling:With Hexamail Guard, you can trust that all email attachments are thoroughly scanned for malware, preventing harmful files from infiltrating your network. Maintain the integrity of your systems and prevent potential disruptions caused by malicious software
  • Easy 5 minute setup:
  • Automatic updates:
  • Low cost permanent licenses:
  • Privacy ensured:

Hexamail Guard: Unparalleled Email Security and Spam Protection for Microsoft Exchange and all mailservers.

Our easy to install Unparalleled Email Security and Spam Protection eliminates the requirement for desktop installation and updates and prevents spam, virus and malware from ever reaching your mailserver.

Privacy of your email is guaranteed: Hexamail is a software solution that runs on your network and no email is ever sent to the cloud.