Multiple Accounts

You can set up multiple administrator controlled system accounts to collect email from multiple separate servers for individual users or catch-all email boxes. Each account can have its own schedule, removal action, routing rules, and output settings.

Recipient routing

Advanced recipient extraction and remapping ensures that Hexamail can interoperate with all mailservers regardless of the ISP/provider. You can catch all email addresses for domain(s) and remap specific addresses to new local emailboxes or route all email to a single mailbox.

IMAP Folder Support

Hexamail fully supports IMAP collection and you can grab email from any specified IMAP folders. An IMAP folder browser allows easy selection of the folders on the server you wish to download.

User Configurable Accounts

Administrators can optionally allows users to configure and control their own accounts. This eliminates the need for password management by the administrator and allows users to control when their email is collected.

Download statistics

Daily, weekly or quarterly statistics allow clear detection of issues and bandwidth usage

Comprehensive settings

Comprehensive settings for controlling number of connections, bandwidth usage, error messages and notifications.

Configurable Scheduling

Configure each download job with separate download intervals and a timetable to define limited and normal schedule

Flexible output

You can forward email via SMTP and/or output email to files in a directory in order to archive email in an esay to read format.

Flexible SMTP Forwarding

Full SMTP relay module allows forwarding to ANY SMTP server, local or remote. Fully compatible with all Exchange versions AND any other SMTP server. Simple to configure and use. Activity logging and statistics

Optional Antispam

Optional antispam module offers the most comprehensive spam blocking features to provide a pop3 collection with built-in antispam. Prevent spam getting to your server reducing server load and storage requirements.

Optional Antivirus

Optional antivirus module offers an industry leading antivirus scanner engine, ClamAV, to ensure collected email arriving at your server is virus and malware free.

Configurable Bandwidth Usage

Configure bandwidth usage limits by time of day and day of week