The Ultimate Email Consolidation Solution

Hexamail POP3 Downloader connects your POP3 and IMAP mailboxes to your MS Exchange server (or other mailserver). It downloads email from external POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP and IMAP-SSL mailboxes and distributes them to Exchange, domino or other SMTP server mailboxes according to the recipient information found in the mail headers. Unlimited accounts, sophisticated multiplexing and advanced rerouting options all make POP3Downloader the essential tool for integrating external POP or IMAP mailboxes into your company email system.

Office365 OAuth2

Office365 OAuth2

MS Office 365 OAuth2 sign-in support allows Hexamail to connect and download from, Hotmail, Office365, Microsoft 365 and Exchange online now and in future.

Gmail OAuth2

Gmail OAuth2

Google OAuth2 sign-in support allows Hexamail to connect and download from Gmail, Google Apps and Google Suite now and in future.

Exchange 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2k7, 2k3, 2k

Exchange 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2k7, 2k3, 2k

POP3Downloader is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Exchange including Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2000, Exchange 5.5

SBS 2011, SBS 2008, SBS 2003

SBS 2011, SBS 2008, SBS 2003

POP3Downloader is fully compatible with SBS2011, SBS2008 and SBS2003

Windows Server Essentials

Windows Server Essentials

POP3Downloader is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials

Supports all SMTP mail servers

Supports all SMTP mail servers

Integrates with any SMTP based email server including Atmail, Axigen, Courier, Exim, Gordano, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Icewarp, Ipswitch IMail server, Kerio, MagicMail, Mailtraq, MDaemon, Novell, Postfix, qmail, Tobit David, Xmail, Zimbra, etc

Simultaneous downloads

Simultaneous downloads

All downloads are simultaneous: you don't need to wait for one to complete for another to be downloaded. With Hexamail this doesn't mean lots of CPU or resource usage either.

Download from multiple ISP's

Download from multiple ISP's

Retrieves messages from mailboxes located on any number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) simultaneously so that a slow ISP wont affect the collection performance of other accounts.

1 minute recheck interval

1 minute recheck interval

Check and download new messages as often as you require, with a schedule interval resolution of 60 seconds.

Flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling

Check and download new messages as often as you require, with a flexible schedule for each account. Define intervals for specific hours of day and days of the week

Catch-all support

Catch-all support

Support for catch all mailboxes with sophisticated recipient extraction and rerouting. You can map entire groups of users or specify rerouting addresses for each email address detected.

Delete, expire, or keep

Delete, expire, or keep

Automatically delete, expire or retain the email on your POP3 server

SSL Support

SSL Support

SSL fully supported, allowed secure retrieval of email from SSL compliant email servers.

IMAP Support

IMAP Support

IMAP support allows retrieval of email from any IMAP compatible mailserver. You can even restrict downloading to specific IMAP folders.

IMAP IDLE support

IMAP IDLE support

Use IMAP IDLE to have email instantly downloaded as it arrives in the IMAP mailbox.

Gmail Compatible

Gmail Compatible

Full GMAIL compatibility ensures Hexamail is the best Gmail connector or Google Apps Connector for your organization

User configurable

User configurable

Users can configure their own account details through a built in web interface or IIS. This avoids the administrator from having to make password requests for external email accounts.

Clam Antivirus

Clam Antivirus

Using the renowned open source virus detection engine Clam, Hexamail offers complete protection from email virus, worms, malware, trojans, scripts and malicious attacks. A virus quarantine allows you to review and cleanse emails without danger of triggering worms or scripts.

Bandwidth management

Bandwidth management

Sophisticated bandwidth scheduling allowing you to manage the bandwidth usage of your email downloads

Effective SPAM blocking

Effective SPAM blocking

Hexamail offers unrivalled accuracy and spam detection rates through the combination of Bayesian pattern matching and support for all other popular spam blocking techniques. The unique quarantine interface allows you to manage the captured spam and modify spam blocking rules and black/ white lists with a single-click!

Flexible Rerouting

Flexible Rerouting

With Hexamail you can reroute email to other recipients based on recipient mappings, wildcard matches, sender matches, and subject matches.



Hexamail POP3 Downloader allows you to migrate one imap account to another or synchronize two imap accounts to ensure changes in one are reflected in the other. It can manage multiple large accounts containing millions of messages and hundreds of folders.

IMAP Folders

IMAP Folders

Download any IMAP folders you require. Multiple folders can be downloaded per account.

Archive email

Archive email

Optionally archive a copy of all downloaded email to disk

Export attachments

Export attachments

Selectively export attachments to files



Includes IMAP Push technology allowing IMAP to IMAP migration of email. Download email from any POP account or IMAP folder(s) and push it onto another IMAP server keeping the same folder structure or remapping folders as required during the IMAP migration.

POP3 account downloading

POP3 account downloading

Hexamail can download all your user's POP3 accounts, and reroute the emails to their corporate mailbox or other email address.

Supports APOP

Supports APOP

Support for secure POP3 authentication logon using APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol)

Multiplexing processing

Multiplexing processing

Retrieves messages from more than one mailbox at the same time. This ensures that mailboxes with large volumes of email do not hold up processing of other mailboxes. Processing is carried out using efficient 'multiplexing' rather than multiple threads: this uses far less system resources and allows much larger number of accounts to be downloaded than systems that use threads.

Forward email to any address

Forward email to any address

POP3 Downloader allows forwarding of email to any other address, mailbox or corporate email server.

SPAM Blocking

Hexamail's server antispam filter eliminates the cost, time and frustration your workers spend on unsolicited email (junk/spam) by blocking the majority of spam email before they ever reach your mailserver. Hexamail's multilayered antispam filtering ensures the best of breed techniques are used to provide total protection from all email bourne threats including spam, malware, spoofing, phishing and virus. Automatic built in heuristics are combined with admin and user configurable rules and optional features such as greylisting and challenge response to allow you to tailor your spam solution to your exact needs. Unlike the majority of other antispam solutions, Hexamail is a server software solution that runs on your network so your email is never sent to the cloud or any third party servers for analysis. This ensures your privacy is guaranteed, eliminates any additional latency in receiving email and prevents your email being dependent on a third party service that can suffer downtime or hacking. Integrated analysis of outgoing email traffic ensures false positives are minimized by automatic allowlisting.


Highly automated accuracy with 99% elimination of spam virus and malware, automatic allowlist generation from outgoing email analysis


Only incoming email from the Internet or POP3 accounts are filtered. Customer outbound and internal email is not filtered


Suspect email are are quarantined or forwarded to an appropriate recipient


You maintain control of your own email systems without having to rely on third party servers or services


Unrivalled easy to use configuration through a remote administration interface


5 minute plug-in SMTP installation with no changes to DNS or MX records required


Highly optimized natively compiled code ensures the highest performance filtering and no email latency


Add security options to your existing email infrastructure to prevent open relay, dictionary harvest attacks


Privacy is guaranteed because email is never sent to the cloud for analysis

Automatic Allowlisting

Automatic allow list generation from senders contacts and email message threads coupled with intelligent on-the-fly allow list detection. This ensures legitimate senders email do not get blocked by the SPAM blocker

Challenge Response

Challenge-response features to allow senders to verify and have email automatically accepted and their address allowlisted

Grey listing

Temporarily fail connections from new IP, sender and recipient sets to effectively block spam software, and BotNets. Automatically allowlists your regular senders so that no delay is experienced for legitimate communications.

Honey Pot

Dynamic Adaptive Honeypot. The Honeypot uses spam sent to chosen honeypot addresses to automatically generate adaptive intelligent agents, known as "bees". These identify and block similar spam. This provides realtime protection against new spam types, sender IPs, and specifically image spam.

Bayesian Matching

Full Bayesian statistical pattern matching providing highly accurate (better than 99%) spam blocking with minimal false-positives (emails incorrectly marked as spam). Selectable pattern matching subcategories allowing bypass of pattern matching for specific types of spam, such as 'Money Making', 'Recruitment', 'Privacy', 'Competitions' etc. Multiple thresholds for pattern matching allowing marking, blocking or automatic deletion of identified spam. Email accepted or deleted from the quarantine is used to further the Bayesian matchign for future email.

Allow listing

Easy to use allow-list management facility allowing you to maintain lists of email addresses that you never want blocked. Users each have their own personal allow-lists and senders can be automatically allowlisted if a blocked email is released from the quarantine.

SPF Checks

Full SPF (Sender Policy Framework/Sender ID) support and failure blocking. Helps prevent phishing attacks

Domain Keys Checks

Full DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) support and failure blocking. Helps prevent phishing attacks

URL Blocking

Full support for DNS-based URL checking of URLs within emails Built in SURBL support for DNS-based URL checking of URLs within emails

IP blocking

Block IP addresses from relay, sending inbound email. Whitelist IP addresses so that they are never blocked, or white list IPs for relay. Use DNS based databases to block known spam IP addresses

DNS Based Spam protection

Full support for multiple configurable DNS based spam protection databases. Dial-Up User Lists (DULs), Real time Black hole Lists (RBLs), Spamhaus SBL, XBL and Relay Spam Stoppers (RSS) are all supported! Override to allow receipt from known good sender addresses

Spam Quarantine

Spam quarantine with safe email viewer that doesn't trigger virus, worms, popups or other malicious code. The administrator can optionally allow users to review their own spam using a web-based quarantine view. Users and administrator can be automatically alerted when they have spam in the quarantine to review

Content Checks

Blocking based on strings, wildcards, word/phrase, regular expression matches in the email content or subject Configure different actions to perform for each expression matched.

Sender Blocking

Blocking based on strings, wildcards and phrase matches in the email sender address Elimination of emails with missing, undisclosed, invalid or suspect sender addresses Easy to use one-click sender blocking facility to allow direct blocks of unwanted newsletters or repeat offenders.

Country Blocking

Blocking based on country of client IP Address. This allows weighting, blocking or deletion of email originating from specified countries.

Image Analysis

Configurable automatic blocking of graphical or image-based emails. The system performs sophisticated checks on any attached or included images to identify image based spam and block it.

PDF attachment spam blocking

Hexamail automatically inspects PDF attachments for textual and image based spam and blocks if an attachment contains spam content

Automatic ZIP unpacking and content analysis

Hexamail automatically unpacks ZIP attachments, identifies malicious contained files and even reads the textual content to detect spam attachments

Header Checks

Configurable automatic blocking of emails with suspect MIME headers

NDR Spam Attack Prevention

Automatically block NDR Spam attacks by detecting NDRs from spoofed recipients, to false recipient addresses, or to nominated bad addresses.

Configurable automatic blocking of emails from suspect Mailer programs

Automatic text style and font analysis and blocking

Configurable automatic blocking of emails containing web bugs, inline framesets, popup windows etc.

Configurable automatic blocking of emails with dangerous or suspect attachments

Configurable automatic identification and blocking of emails with suspect recipient lists

Configurable automatic verification of replyto/sender

Configurable spam action options, including quarantine storage, subject line marking, forwarding, blocking and deletion

POP3 Reader

The POP3 reader module acts as a POP3 connector, automatically downloading emails from any configured POP3 or IMAP accounts on external servers, and reroutes the emails to any internal mailbox or other external email account.


Unify user email into corporate mailboxes


Spam filter and automate routing of all incoming email


Process all email for spam and virus whether from external accounts or to internal mailboxes


Highly efficient multiplexing communications used to download from many accounts simultaneously

Flexible Schedules

Individually configurable download schedules with timetable to define when to use regular or limited download speeds

SSL Support

Supports SSL servers for both POP and IMAP including Gmail

1 Minute schedule

Download schedules as short as 1 minute

Instant IMAP Downloads

Use IMAP IDLE PUSH notifications to instantly download new email as it arrives

User accounts

User can configure their own accounts via a web interface or IIS

Download modes

Modes to download all or only new email for each user


Catch-all and individual accounts supported

IMAP Support

IMAP Support including configurable folders

Multi-domain catch all

Multi-domain catch-all accounts supported

Gmail support

Full Gmail Support including all hidden Gmail IMAP folders like [Gmail]/All


Sophisticated rerouting and readdressing options including subject, sender and recipient rerouting

Archiving and Export

Export email to files as text or MIME


Export attachments to files


Emails are routed through all processing modules, allowing for antivirus scanning, spam blocking, routing, alerting, responders and all other Hexamail features!

Multiple ISPs

Retrieves messages from mailboxes located on any number of Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Rapid cycles

Check and download new messages as often as you require, with schedule interval resolution of 60 seconds.

Configurable action

Automatically delete, expire or retain the emails on your email account

SSL Support

SSL fully supported, allowed secure retrieval of emails from SSL compliant mailservers.

Bandwidth Limits

Configure how much bandwidth to use at various times of day

Secure login

Support secure logon with APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol).

Parallel downloads

Retrieves messages from more than one mailbox at the same time. This ensures that mailboxes with large volumes of email do not hold up processing of other mailboxes.

Sender rerouting

Reroute to new recipients based on the original sender address

Recipient rerouting

Reroute to new recipients based on the original subject line with wildcard matches

SMTP Forwarding

Allows forwarding of email to any other address, mailbox or corporate email server. Route email by domain to different servers or smarthosts

Web Interface

The web interface module allows individual end-users to interact with the Hexamail service and perform operations such as configuring external email accounts to download, spam quarantine management, calendaring and contact management (depending on the product and modules enabled)


Adapts for any browser device such as Android smart phone, tablet or iPhone


Full SSL support is available


Optimized HTML ensures the bandwidth usage is minimal

Built in web interface does not require IIS or Apache

Ultra compact HTML pages ensure the fastest possible interface, making the Web Mail module one of the most usable web email clients available.

SSL support

Optional bandwidth restrictions

IP address blocking and restrictions

Configurable port and host bindings to allow use in multi-NIC environments

Integrates with IIS if required.


The antivirus module automatically scans all incoming email attachments for virus, worms and trojans. If identified, the email can be marked so that the end user is aware of the infected content, blocked completely so that the end user cannot inadvertently execute a virus or a script, or the infected attachment can be removed and a comment added to the email to inform the user of the action taken. All processed emails can be optionally stored in a quarantine for later review, resend or deletion.


You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses and Trojans from our embedded ClamAV scanning engine

Up to date

The Antivirus engine automatically updates itself at regular intervals


Alert your administrator or senders to virus in emails


Block infected, dangerous, or forbidden attachments


Remove infected, dangerous, or forbidden attachments


Quarantine infected emails for later resend or deletion

The embedded antivirus engine features outstanding detection abilities together with high performance. You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses, Trojans, malware and even office document macros.

Automatic updates are another key point in virus protection, both the virus database and the program itself can be updated automatically. The updates are incremental, and only new data is downloaded, thus ensuring updates are timely and efficient.

Allow alerts to senders of infected emails

Configurable response to sender with optional blocking reason


The IMAP Push module allows email to be uploaded to an IMAP server based on configurable rules.


Migrate IMAP email from one IMAP account to another


Automatically move email from one folder to another based on rules


Archive email from your email accounts to another IMAP account

Highly efficient multiplexing communications used to upload to many accounts simultaneously

Individually configurable IMAP accounts

Supports SSL IMAP servers

Remap IMAP folders on upload

Selectively push email based on recipient addresses

IDLE support for efficient push of multiple email to the same account

Queuing support


The developer module allows full access and control of all Hexamail modules using an API based on REST json and XML. This ensures support for the widest variety of scripting and programming languages.

Custom apps

Develop custom apps that leverage your email and collaboration data


Fastest possible REST server ensures highly usable low bandwidth API access


Restrict access to specific IPs and ports to prevent unauthorized access.

Full support for all configuration parameters to control every aspect of Hexamail

Full support for all stored email such as junk, errors and sent items

Full support for accounts and user data including signatures, external accounts

Access and manage all mailbox data, including management of email and folders

Access and manage contacts stored in the mailbox module

Access and manage tasks, events, notes stored in the calender module

Fully JSON compliant allowing easy access from javascript, php, java, python, .net etc.

Fully REST compliant

XML or JSON results format options

SSL support