Flowing Calendars

Flow calendaring allow smooth scrolling and zooming over any time period to navigate to important dates with ease.

Visual email lists

Instantly recognize important email with the unique automatic colour display


Create and retain links between any email, events, tasks and contacts. This allows easy navigation back to an email from a calendar event or task item

Auto Folder Filing

Hexamail automatically suggests the best folder to file email into

One-click Schedule

Hexamail automatically adds events to your schedule, links the email to the event and files away the email in one click

One-click Delegate

Hexamail automatically forwards an email to a nominated recipient, creates a follow up reminder, links the forwarded email to the original, and files away the email in one click

Auto Rule Creation

Hexamail automatically creates the best rules for you just by selecting a few email

Email Meta data

Store meta data including web searches and links on any email with a single click


Find a map for an address with one click and store it with the email

Rich Notes

Add rich HTML notes to an email

Modify Subject

Type over email subject to make them more expressive in your inbox

Pin email

Pin email to the top of any folders to give it prominence

Sleep email

Sleep email to have them reappear when you are ready to deal with them

Notify on email

Add a follow-up alarm to any email to have Hexamail remind you to deail with it

Chat display

Show email conversations in a chat format to ease reading and location of salient information


Visual contact card list with customizable contact images for every contact

Colour Email

Colour email however you wish to ensure important email stand out

File previews

Preview image and PDF files inline in the email view

Folder tabs

Show any email, folder, calendar, event, task or contacts as a tab or popup window. Arrange your information how you want!

Compose Email

Compose email with clear touch-enabled controls to encyrpt, sign, insert HTML. Drag and drop files to attach them.

Email List

Easily list email from any sender by dragging their email address as a new tab


Show the recent items you have viewed in a unique email history view

Card based tasks

Modern card-based task management with hierarchical collapsable TODO lists and itemized progress.


Translate any text with a single click and store the translation with the email for future reference