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I am getting lots of emails in my Errors list with 'too many hops'. What is wrong?
This is typically caused by one of two things:
1) Setting the smarthost or mailserver settings to be the the server Hexamail is running on (e.g., localhost, or its explicit IP or name), on port 25. In this case Hexamail may send on outbound email (email to addresses not in your domains list) or email for your emailserver back to itself. The email is then processed and sent round again.
2) Not setting up your SMTP Server/Domains list correctly. Hexamail uses this list to work out which email to send to your emailserver and which to send on to the Internet/Smarhost. If email is delivered to someone@a.com and a.com is a mailbox on your mailserver, but a.com is not listed as a domain in Hexamail, Hexamail will (correctly) send it back on to the Internet/smarthost for delivery to the server for a.com. This can result in the email returning to Hexamail and the process starting again. A loop occurs.

In both cases Hexamail automatically detects this and prevents too many hops taking place (default 100)

To prevent looping be sure that EVERY SINGLE domain your emailserver accepts email for is listed in Hexamail/SMTP Server/Domains and also that your mailserver and smarthost settings are not pointing back to Hexamail (typically on port 25 of the machine Hexamail is running on!)

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