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How do I incorporate the output of News2Web into an existing web page?
There are a number of ways to do this, depening on what you want to acheive and what technologies are available to you. Basically the output is HTML - or a fragment of HTML, or basically plain text.

On our home page at www.hexamail.com we use a PHP include to pull in the HTML fragment written out by News2Web to pull in the latest stories. The HTML Header Template is reduced substantially - the HEAD section etc is totally removed leaving just the news table we wish to include. The PHP include method is transparent to the web browsers and other web crawlers (eg. Google bots) since it is included server side as the page is loaded. We also use this technique to pull in 3 separate News2Web output pages into one page for the News2Web Examples page.

You can also acheive the same sort of thing with say ASP on IIS.

You can publish entire pages directly, by changing the HTML Header and Footer templates to be in your site template, with whatever ajustments to the Story templates to pick up font styles etc.

Another technique is to publish the results as a Javascript page and include it that as a javascript include, using further javascript to format the output into your page.

The output of News2Web is, fundamentally, just text, the output of which is controlled by the HTML Header, Story and Footer templates. The HTML Header template is printed once with its tags converted, then the Story template is printed for every output story found, filling in the tags from the story data, then the footer is added to the end, again with the tags replaced. Details of the tags available are in the help file installed with News2Web.

There are also the following guides: