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On my Linux Hexamail install with Antivirus I get an error in the log:
"Error: Antivirus engine initialization failure (Antivirus missing a required shared object library): No emails will be scanned for virus. Check your installation, and if the problem persists reinstall the product"

What can I do to resolve this?
This is usually caused by a missing or misinstalled shared object (so file), the Linux equivalent of a DLL.

Check the directory:
for the file libavastengine.so
It should be present.

There should also be a link in /usr/lib to the latest libavast engine so file. Try:
cd /usr/lib
ls -al *avas*

If you don't see a libavastengine.so try the following:
cd /usr/lib
ln -s <pathtohexamail>/antivirus/avast/linux/lib/libavastengine.so libavastengine.so

and then restart the Hexamail service - you should then see no log problems.

There are also the following guides: