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If I wish to be able to get my email on multiple different client machines how can I do this with Hexamail Server?
There are multiple ways to have your email on multiple clients:

1) Use POP3 but in the email client be sure to "leave messages on the server"
Advantages: ALL clients support pop3
Disadvantages: POP3 wont record whether you have deleted or moved emails on the server and doesn't store multiple folders on the server, you only have an INBOX on the server

2) Use IMAP
Advantages: Most clients support IMAP
IMAP supports server-side folders and email management so it records what you have deleted/moved etc.
Disadvantages: Some people dislike some email clients handling of deleted messages (the delete/purge paradigm)

3)Use Webmail
Advantages: You can use it anywhere and no cached copy of your email is left on the client (good for Internet Cafes/off site email checking).
Its very fast on low bandwidth as only the headers are shown until an email is selected.
Disadvantages: Some functionality is not as usable as in a true Windows mail client, e.g. drag and drop is not available

There are also the following guides: