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I wish to enable SSL for my web interface, SMTP server, IMAP or POP3 server. We have a valid SSL certificate. However, when I try to enable SSL Hexamial picks an old out of date certificate or the wrong dcertificate. When I go to Network - click Advanced, I see certificates listed, but they all look to be old ones. How can I get it to recognize our correct SSL certificate?
Hexamail lists the certificates using the MS SSL certificate API.

In some cases your new certificate or the one you wish to use wont be listed for the Hexamail service account. I such cases it may be necessary to disable the ones you dont want in the Hexamail service account and copy over the one you do want to the Hexamail service account. To do this use the Microsoft MMC Certificates management snap-in:

Then add a snapin for the Service Account/Hexamail. Disable the certificates that you do not want to use, and copy in (from e.g. a Computer account) the certificate you do require.

There are also the following guides: