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I am having trouble archiving email from Exchange 2007. What could be wrong?
Under Exchange 2007 Mailbox extraction has been compromised by Microsoft. Exchange 2007 seems to have been released prematurely and requires many service packs an dupdates.
There are some technicalities you need to be aware of, which can only be addressed through Microsoft patches.

To even extract mailboxes you need to have:

- At least Exchange 2007 SP1 (Preferably SP3 now!) AND REBOOT
- Outlook 2003 SP2 or greater installed (32bit/Win2k3) AND REBOOT
- Outlook 2010 or greater installed (64bit/Win2008) AND REBOOT
- Possibly fixmapi has to be run: See this thread (or this KB) AND REBOOT
- Possibly update .net framework according to this
- Ensure Office 2003 SP3 is installed or Powershell will crash when extracting mailboxes
- A journal mailbox/account must be created created

Hexamail will endeavour to automatically correct these things for you when it is running:
- journalling should be enabled on the mailbox databases and journalled email sent to the journal account
- permissions for local system account needs to be added to the journal account, the mailbox database and all mailboxes to be archived

There are also the following guides: