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Hexamail is no longer delivering email to Exchange and reporting the error in the Forward log (or SMTP Relay log) Error Communicating with server : (connection refused).

What can I do?
Usually something has changed or stopped the Microsoft SMTP service

1) The smtp server you are sending to is not/no longer on the same port (check the receive connector settings in Exchange)
2) The smtp server you are sending to is not/no longer accepting connections from the IP with Hexamail on it
3) The smtp server you are sending to has stopped/has not started after a reboot. If the SMTP service is disabled you need to go to Windows Services and set it to Automatic and then start the service.
4) The hostname can no longer be resolved to the Exchange machine. This can happen if network DNS changes have taken place or you have renamed or reassigned a new IP to the machine. If you are using Hexamail and Exchange on the same machine its best to use as the IP address.
5) The network is no longer available. Check your network connectivity.

You can always test connectivity to the smtp server using the Test Connection button in the Hexamail admin interface or by using command line telnet:



telnet 25

You should get an SMTP greeting banner.
Type QUIT and press return to exit

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