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After connecting to my server using VNC I cannot see certain dialog boxes and message boxes that are popped up by Hexamail. How do I fix this?
Hexamail will operate correctly if you exit and restart the application. To do this press Escape until the main window is enabled and then right click the system tray and choose EXIT. You can then restart the application.

There is a bug in the VNC mirror driver that prevents some standard Windows messages boxes from showing if the application was started before the vnc session and is used after the vnc session finishes.

To fix it permanently:

1) Go to the VNC Status page (right click the VNC server system tray icon)
2) Go to the Desktop tab
3) Uncheck Optimize screen capture (turn it off)
4) Press apply

Restart the Hexamail application. Hexamail will now display correctly before and after VNC sessions and can be left running without issue.

There are also the following guides: