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Hexamail POP3 Reader/Downloader is reporting the error:

Error retrieving email, will collect next time. User X on server Y:

What could be the matter?
This is caused by connectivity issues between the Hexamail product and the POP/IMAP server you are trying to collect email from.

You need to check several things:
1) Under POP3 Reader/Global Settings/Network/Max Connections is not set too high if all the accounts you have configured are on one server. This should be 2-4 if all accounts are on the same server or you may overload the server capacity to handle the requests or get your IP blocked by the server.
2) Some ISPs limit connections to once every 10 minutes per account. If you are connecting on a shorter schedule, contact the ISP to ask their poolicy or set the schedule to higher than 10 minutes.
3) A firewall or router is blocking POP3 connections to that server from the Hexamail machine. This happens surprisingly often especially with Microsoft ISA server. The solution is to reconfigure the firewall or proxy to allow outbound POP3 (TCP port 110) from the Hexamail machine and remove any rate or connection limits.

You can test connectivity to the POP server in question by opening a command line prompt and doing:
telnet 110
telnet pop.myisp.com 110
If you see the POP greeting, all is well and you can type QUIT to exit.

If not then Hexamail wont be able to connect either and you need to resolve the connectivity issues before Hexamail can continue to operate in the normal way.

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