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When logging into my Google Apps account using POP or IMAP I get [AUTH] Username
and password not accepted. What is wrong?
Please consult the Google documentation if you are getting authentication errors when trying to connect to Google Apps via IMAP or POP. There are 3 things that need to happen for users to be able to access Google Apps gmail via POP/IMAP:

1) The overall pop/imap setting on Google Apps needs to be enabled

2) You ALSO need to go into the Gmail settings for the specific user and configure
Settings/Forwarding for POP/IMAP/ENABLE POP or IMAP access. Save the settings

3) You may ALSO need to unlock the Google Captcha for the Google Apps domain:
Where you replace yourgoogleappsdomain.com with your particular domain.

4) There is also a Gmail captcha unlock screen, which may also be required:

If you are still having trouble please consult these links:

There are also the following guides: