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How do I install a 64bit version when I have the 32bit version?
To move from 32 to 64bit please be sure to use the SETUP installer and not the UPGRADE installer.
In this example we will use Hexamail Nexus, just change the Nexus part to your product name in the below examples.


PLEASE follow these instructions to upgrade as you are moving from 32 to 64bit it is not completely automatic!

If you have space please backup the existing Hexamail folder (e.g. c:program files (x86)Hexamail Nexus)

1) STOP the existing service by pressing stop
2) EXIT the existing admin (right click the system tray icon and choose exit)
3) UNINSTALL the existing Hexamail product - don not worry, your data is preserved!
3) Install the new 64 bit installer into the correct location (e.g. c:program filesHexamail Nexus), NOT program files (x86)
4) Press cancel in the setup wizard once it has installed (we will copy the old configuration!)
5) STOP the new service by pressing stop
6) EXIT the new admin (right click the system tray icon and choose exit)
7) MOVE the folder(s) from the old location (e.g.c:program files (x86)Hexamail Nexus) to the new location (e.g.c:program filesHexamail Nexus)
hexamailnexus.cfg (or appropriate cfg for your product)
hexamailnexus.licml/xml (or appropriate license for your product)

9) Open the 64bit admin and start the new service...

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