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How can I use more antivirus signatures in my Antivirus scanning module?
Since version you can edit the configuration file for antivirus updates and add in further signature database sources.

To do this:

1)COPY the file C:\Program Files\Hexamail POP3 Downloader\antivirus\clamav\installed\freshclam.conf to the desktop
2) EDIT the desktop file freshclam.conf and locate the lines starting DatabaseCustomURL and add your own database URL lines:
DatabaseCustomURL http://my.url.com/av/database.ndb
(The URLs you use should point to valid Clam AV database files.)
3)SAVE the file
4) COPY the desktop file freshclam.conf back to C:\Program Files\Hexamail POP3 Downloader\antivirus\clamav\installed\freshclam.conf
5) Stop and start the Hexamail service

You can get database files from various sources, one such source is:
They do a free sign up for a single IP address, and subscription for larger installations

Once you have signed up go to the Setup page and copy the list of DatabaseCustomURLs into your config file as above.

You can also download database files manually and copy them into the folder
C:\Program Files\Hexamail POP3 Downloader\antivirus\clamav\installed\database
Then restart the service to take advantage of the extended signature databases.

Please be aware this will increase the amount of RAM the Clamd.exe process uses on your system

There are also the following guides: