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I ALWAYS get the error:
"Couldn't communicate with the service. It may not be running, configured on a different port or may be configured to refuse connections from you IP address"
What's wrong?
This is usually symptomatic of one of five things:

1) Hexamail has not started correctly because something else is using an TCP port it requires. Most commonly this is because Hexamail application has been installed on to the same machine as a mail server, e.g. Exchange, but the Exchange port has not been changed. Simply stop the Hexamail service and follow the instructions in the online help to change the port in the mail server to something other than port 25. If this does not solve this issue or is not the case, check the application log file for error reports. You should set the LogLevel in the [Default] setting to Debug and restart the service in this case.

Note that on Linux installations running SMTP products as a user other than root will also cause this issue, as port 25 is a reserved port.

2) The administration interface is trying to connect to a port that the Hexamail Service is not listening on, or that port is being blocked by a firewall program. Ensure that in the Port setting in the [Service] section of the application configuration file matches the Port number in the 'Connect'/'Switch Service' dialog in the Administration interface. The default port settings are given in the help file installed with the application. If these settings are correct check that your firewall is configured to allow connections on this port.

3) The service has been configured to only allow connections from particular IP addresses on the Remote Admin page. If the IP address you are trying to connect from is not in the list you will not be able to connect to the service. By default, Hexamail services are configured only to accept connections from the local host (127.*.*.*) but this can be removed and stop even local host connecting. Check the AllowedIPList settings under the [Service] section of your application configuration file.

4) A password has been set but not supplied when connecting to the service - supply the password in the Switch Service pop-up. If the password has been forgotten, raise a ticket in the help desk about resetting the password.

5) On a machine where more than one IP address is assigned (eg. multiple NICs) the service may bind to the wrong IP address. Specify the IP address that the service should listen on by adding a Host= entry to the [Service] section of the product configuration file.

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