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Migrating a Hexamail installation to a new server or folder
Perform the following actions in this order:

a) Stop and exit the Admin GUI on all machines on which it is running (including the server, if necessary) by right-clicking the Hexamail icon in the System Tray/Notification Area at the bottom-right of the screen and choosing Exit

b) Install Hexamail onto the new server, or onto the new drive/directory on the current server

c) Stop the new Hexamail service on the server (for example by right-clicking on My Computer, choosing Manage, then Services, then stopping the appropriate service)

d) Exit the admin on the new server by right-clicking the system tray icon and choosing Exit

e) Delete the file*.cfg in the new installed directory

f) Copy the Hexamail product settings from the original location to the new location, as follows:

- copy all the .cfg files in the Hexamail root directory, e.g. hexamailguard.cfg but not the cfgml files!

- copy the licence file .licml in the Hexamail root directory

- copy the entire data/ directory and subdirectories

- copy the stats/ directory (to retain statistics)

- copy the logs/ directory (to retain your logs)

- copy the archive/ directory if it is present (to retain any archived data)

- copy all the directories beginning email (many of these may be empty)

- copy any feeds subdirectory to the new location

This will transfer all the Hexamail settings to the new installation.

g) You can now start the Hexamail service on the server, and any Admin GUIs.

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