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Hexamail Guard for Exchange has stopped scanning emails. What can I do to get it to start scanning again?
Because Hexamail Guard for Exchange depends on a plugin in the Exchange SMTP Server, it is at the mercy of Microsoft Service Packs and updates, and sometimes other events that can cause the integration to be disengaged.

Microsoft are not specific about what events or upgrades can cause this. The best strategy is to stop and start Exchange if the integration seems to have become disengaged. If that fails to re-engage the integration try forcing Hexamail to re-engage directly:
On the command line do:
c:\program files\hexamail guard\>hexamailguard.exe -exchangeregisterbindings:on

If the problem persists try reinstalling Hexamail into the same directory (settings will be preserved), and possible rebooting the machine.

If the problem still persists after all of the above - it may be some other badly-behaved plugin is disrupting the integration and you may be best advised to switch to the SMTP version of the product which is not sensitive to MS Exchange peculiarities. Please contact Hexamail Support (support@hexamail.com) for full details on making the transition. There is no cost implication in doing so.

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